This is Penny, she was stolen on December 18, 2018. We just want her back home and in good health. No questions asked. Reward for safe return.

Here is a news article / video that was published a few days after our break-in

Penny on Fox4 News, Dallas TX

Call us: (951)203-4513

Missing: 00 days 00 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds

What you can do

Please feel free to take any of the images and flyers that are on this site and use them to assist in the recovery of our puppy. Penny is very unique looking and has distinct markings. We are hoping that this will help people identify her and help us bring her home.

Facts about Penny

If you find her


I cannot say this enough: if you find her, see her, or know someone who has her, PLEASE contact us (CALL US) and let us know. We have a detective assigned to us that is helping us handle this situation, and there are hundreds of people out there that are helping us look for her. We are offering a reward for her safe return back to us. If you purchased her, we will buy her from you and help you find another puppy.

She has currently NOT been found. If you see postings of her saying that she has been found, it is not true. This website will be IMMEDIATELY updated when she is found. If you see someone posting anywhere saying that she has been found, ask where they heard it from and who they heard it from. Screenshot everything you can realted to it and send it to us via Facebook or text message.

Penny's Flyers

Other Photos of Penny